Thursday, 9 February 2012

BBC Mark Thompson Pays Llip Service to our Ladies

In the news today, Mark Thompson, current Director General of the BBC is reported to have said 'the BBC must change - older women should no longer feel they're invisable'.  In the Daily Mail (only get it for the cross word and to understand what the enemy are up to - honest), he then goes on to list all the wonderful older women that have been involved in BBC production recently.  It's an impressive list, with some of our most loved critics, journalists, characters and actresses:
Gillian Anderson, Jennifer Saunders, Joanna Lumley, Sue Perkins, Penelope Keith, Mary Berry, Kirsty Wark, Martha Kearney, Sarah Montague, Fiona Bruce.

This feels like lip service, when only recently the BBC had to pay out a huge amount (of tax payers money) to compensate Miriam O'Rielly for passing her over for a younger woman to present Countryfile.  Apparently, they suggested she have botox.  For COUNTYRFILE.  Now don't get me wrong, I love it.  I'm a country loving, horse riding, treking, running, veg growing kind of gal, but honestly, who gives a toss what the presenters of Countrybloodyfile look like!  Apart from John Craven of course who is THE ONLY man over 60 who, well,  you know....given the opportunity and a hay stack.  Ahem...

They sacked Miriam because they thought she was too old.  And now Thompson is wittering on about this long list of women they have that proves they are fair.  They are not.  And neither are Channel 4 or ITV.  For US TV stations I imagine it's even worse.  

So let's take a look at these women Mark Thomson has listed as his vangard to prove the BBC is doing it's bit for older women.  They have one thing in common and it isn't the BBC.  It 's that they are very intelligent, clever, beautiful, brave and honest women.  And let's have more of them.  

Goodbye Mark Thompson, God knows what you will do next, but I bet it won't be something that champions older women.  I bet you write a book about being Director Boring General of the BBC then join Tony Blair on the the after dinner speech circuit.

Big question in England - not who is going to be the next female Prime Minister (Harriet Harmen?) , rather  will there ever be a female Director General of the BBC?

Sue Perkins  - Gorgeous.   And funny too.   Very.

Penelope Keith - As Margo in 70s sitcom A Good Life,  she led the way along with Alison Steadman in  Abigail's Party on cocktail dressing in suburbia.  What a star. 

Mary Berry
The woman can make cake.

Kirsty Wark.  My Dad is Glasweigan and I can't help it, I just have an obsession with Scottish  everything.  Kirsty is fantastic.  A typical Scot, and the sterotype IS wrong.  Scots are very intelligent, warm, engaging, and generous.  But yes, she does have that other quality the Scots possess, she is fearless in the face of opposition.  Let's just remind ourselves, for the benefit of the English, who the Romans found it impossible to defeat??  Oho yes. The Scots.  And What's left to show it, a massive great big wall, that's what. (Hadrian's Wall for the benefit of those that don't know).  Just in case you needed reminding, you know, in the lead up to whether the Scots decide they need England anymore....( not to mention all that oil.)

The Loverly Joanna Lumley.  My Grand Dad facied her, My Dad fancies her, my husband fancies her and I fancy her.  And quite frankly, you'd have to be bonkers not to fancy her.  She is a LEGEND.

Jennifer Saunders.  Oh God.  I just LOVE HER. Ever since Comic Strip.  And  as Edina , obviously.  I still  litter my  rants to my children with inappropriate things she shouted at Saffy.  They don't get the intertextual references, but they haven't complained of emotional abuse yet...

Fiona Bruce - I have an opinion about The Bruce - more about her in another blog about posh English birds, coming soon.

Gillian Anderson as Miss Haversham in the recent adaptation of Dicken's  Great Expectations.  More about Miss Havershams in a blog coming your way soon...

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