Thursday, 9 February 2012

Celebrity Greyovers Part 1

Just a quickie today.  The subject of a dire lack of female silver haired role models in high profile glamorous positions comes up again and again.  There aren't many.  

So to help the situation along a little,  I've decided to give these babes a greyover.  I think you'll agree that they all still look gorgeous!

Dear Jennifer Anniston - Happy Birthday for Saturday Jen!  Your birthday is the day after mine, but you are a whole entire year OLDER than me.  I thought you might like a pretty greyover for your birthday night out.  Have a good one old girl!

Angie - You are a brave be-tattoed person of venerable beauty.  Do the world a favour and let your greys grow - you will still be The Most Beautiful Woman That God Created On Earth.  Don't worry.

Victoria - come on love.  You are fashion priestess now.  You lead, others will follow.  

Demi - You lost Bruce (if he plays his cards right, he could still be mine...), now Ashton.  Time to give yourself a bit of TLC. 
  You'd look like an exotic mediterranean  diva if you gave your grey a chance.

Please suggest other ladies of a certain age that might need my 'help'.  They might not know it yet, but they do!



  1. Linked to you on this post. Didn't use any of the pics. Just posted a link. Very cool!

  2. You can use the pics if you like. I'm completely ok with you using my 30 second photoshoped versions. Just give a link back - go for it and let me know if you want me to 'greyerise' anyone...