Saturday, 11 February 2012

L'Oreal - It ain't worth it...

By popular demand,  here are a few more 'greyovers' for your astute consideration.  Please note,  this is just meant to be a bit of FUN.  Anyone who thinks I spend more than about 30 seconds 'greyovering' any  of these ladies is bonkers.  For goodness sake - I could be watching the rugby!

Ok - the Mother in law has requested the Loose Women.  To those of you outside the UK, this is an incredibly awful daytime 'chat' programme with some women slagging off men and alluding to how much or how little sex they have.  I actually used to like some of the women on it, until they were on it.  It's like the death kiss of coolness.  I've only done one 'Loose Woman' (Janet Street Porter) but eventually, I will do them all, dear MIL.

The others, again by request from my dear old friend Pip (a very talented actress who has actually been on TV!!) are some of the L'Oreal ladies.  Because they are worth it.

I'm very tired.  I turned 42 yesterday - had a night out in London last night, and did the Lucien Freud exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery this morning, so please excuse the poor quality of the obvious photoshopery.  

Love and peace, love and peace.  

WOW!  Andie MacDowell.  Very beautiful.  Thousands of English women still loath  her  because  she  copped off with Hugh Grant in 4 Weddings.  But admit it, she looks stunning with grey hair.  You are worth it Andie, you were in Sex, Lies and Videotape for Goodness sakes!!  

Penelope Cruz.  It is very likely you could have wonderful twinkly grey  and silver, but whether your lucrative L'Oreal contract means we will ever see it is very debatable.  What a shame.  Good actress. 

I doubt we will ever know if Cheryl goes grey.  We are more likely to find out  what type of silicon she has her boobs made out of...

Janet Street Porter.  She could look chic with grey hair, dontcha think?


  1. When the carpet doesn't match the drapes anymore why fight it? . . Guys don't like a bare rug below . .right Cameron Diaz?

    1. My carpet still doesn't match the curtains and I haven't dyed for YEARS. Just reckon the carpet is slower on the uptake...Lol. x