Sunday, 12 February 2012

Unlikely role models - Part 1: The Anglican Church

Seeing as it's Sunday,  I thought I would focus on my first group of unlikely role models - the ladies of the Anglican Church.  I'm not a religious type, and I don't know much about the requirements of being a vicar or a bishop these days, but what seems obvious to me is that dyeing your hair simply is not appropriate if you want to be on God's team.  These ladies are certainly rocking those frocks and the grey locks!

Some divine inspiration.....and really, there's no irony intended.  I think these women have very nice hair!

The venerable Kay Goldsworthy in action with a massive biscuit.  Just like any Hollywood star who knows their craft, Kay clearly realises that Cathedral lighting is very flattering for her hair colour.

These ladies prove bright red works really well with silver locks

Here is a man bishop patting the lady bishops on the head in praise of their natural hair choice.

A bit of crook work - notice how the silver crook serves to enhance the silver twinkles of her  hair.

Purple looks great with silver hair - not sure the red lipstick was wise, maybe go for a pale pink next time...

A very shiney silver barnet.  

Kay Goldsworthy looks up to Heaven and  says thanks for her lovely silver locks!

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