Friday, 27 June 2014

Um - Sorry! I'm back - With a VENGEANCE!

Um - an apology.  I actually forgot I'd written this at all!  You go grey, you get over the whole transition thing (yes you really do!) then you just get on with ....LIFE.

I'm feeling guilty though, so I'm going to give you a gallery of my hair over the last two years - TWO YEARS - since I last wrote on here.  So for those of you that are still in that horrible transitional period, not sure you even want to let go, hopefully this will prove inspirational...

See?  I'm off my tits, dancing with YOUNG PEOPLE having fun...

And, lo, I am imagining I am Marilyn, with an uncomfortable cat.

The next big challenge wasn't the shade, it was the length.  I'd had very long hair for so long, I just didn't know how to cope with short hair - or worse - growing hair out.  What didn't help was my abject refusal to go to a hairdresser.  I was convinced they'd make me dye it.  I had no confidence at this stage.

Literally, a month later and I felt better.  Maybe it's the red lippy.  Maybe I'd lost some weight.  Who knows, but I know short hair ain't for me.

Top - Trying to grow it into a bob
Middle - Trying to grow out the fringe
Bottom - June 2012 with my silver sisters - from left Perri, Trina, me and Denise.  Early dayz. It was such a weirdly brilliant lunch.  We'd ONLY met because we were all going grey - all thanks to Diana Jewell on the Cafe Grey meeting place.  We decided to meet up and we just hit it off.  I suppose what we all had in common was that we wanted to be individual - so four completely different, very individual women meeting over lunch for no other reason than we'd stopped dying our hair.  Sounds bonkers right?  But we're all still firm friends now.

To fringe, or not to fringe, that is the question...  As I said.  Growing hair out is a nightmare and sometimes doing the 'fringe chomp' as I like to call it (actually, I've never called it that, I'm just making it up), helps because it makes the sides and back look longer. So that was my strategy for about a year.  Bob it.  Pic 3 has me with a purple rinse (I was bored.  Had some Directions purple left over and boom!  I have an 'old lady' rinse.  Yay.  It washed out after 3 shampoos).

Still loving the colour - just hating the lack of  length.

So - mid legnth hair.  I actually hate it more than short hair.  You have to keep it clean.  And style it.  But...there was still no moment, instant or picosecond when I have regretted it.  Quite the reverse.

So to get through the annoying short to long thing, I've rediscovered retro up-dos!  Have a lovely friend who runs a business selling retro clothes and another selling retro scarves and accessories.  I suggest you ladies get your hair up, put on a posh frock and a matt lip and rock the retro.  ps.  Not sure why I'm looking so aggressive in pic no. 4.  It was just a moment.  But it might have been caused by my close encounter with DAVE in pic no 2.  For those of you not in England.  This man is an UNELECTED NOB CHEESE.

BTW.   The husband (want to see him?) took pic 5 - probably the best photo anyone has ever taken of me.  Happy day!

Bit of experimentation.  I'd grown my fringe out in the top one. Then did a pink rinse next two (which my A-Level students loved and my managers hated - always the punk...).  Then went for a classic blue rinse which really upset people - why?  Particularly mums at the school gate.  More about them later....Then - wow - pic 6 - about 20 of us 'silver sisters' met at an incredibly posh restaurant at St Pancras. It was just such a weird and wonderful event.  People literally walked into furniture when they saw us.  It really freaked them out.  And every woman I met was strong, creative, clever, powerful and assured.  I honestly have never felt so strangely connectecd to a bunch of strangers ever!

So here I am.  My hair is a million colours.  I have a massive ginger streak at the front and one at the back.  It's growing fast and I want it tit length.  I just love it.  It is the single best thing I've ever done in my life.  If you are still deciding or in the middle of it - please, persevere.

Peace and love
Peace and love
(John Lennon)
(And I'm not a bloody hippy - I just happen to like him...)

Next blog - You are going to meet my hairdresser - and he LOVES my silver hair...
Actually - bugger that - next blog - the 'broad appeal' of the silver ladee.  Honestly,  It's disturbing...


  1. Hooray!! So glad you are blogging again on this subject. You inspired me to go for it and my transition is now over - I'm now officially a salt 'n' pepper gal with mid length hair. It's thicker and healthier than ever and all the naysayers who thought I'd look positively geriatric with grey hair at 45 love it!

    1. It's great isn't it? Perhaps I could do a blog on your story? I could come up and take some photos in London if you fancy? xx