Thursday, 10 July 2014

Grey Hater Alert!

It's not often, in the last two years since I've 'come out' as a silver haired person, that I've met with actual real discrimination against those that transition, but yesterday a good friend told me about a very unpleasant encounter she had


Let's call her Midge (sorry M, but you, like me are very short!).  She runs a successful business in our home town, Whitstable.  Mid morning, a tall gentleman with a magnificent beard came in to her shop and asked her about some products for an ailment he was suffering from.  When Midge began giving him advice, he stopped her in her tracks.

He said, 'Sorry, I have to ask - why haven't you dyed your hair?'

Well poor Midge was a little stumped.

'Why should I dye my hair?  she countered.

He stroked his beard and appraised her entire body and face.  'Well, you're quite young, pretty.  You're wearing make-up.  The hair just give off a negative signal.'

Now, I'm not sure what I might have done in this situation.  Throat strike, headbutt - kick in nuts?  But to her credit, Midge stood her ground an remained poised with an aura of saintly calm.

Maybe she should have twatted him with her spoon....

'A negative signal about what?' she said.

The man had clearly realised he'd said something a little, let us say, off and shuffled about a bit. 'Um, you know, sex.'

Midge is married.  Midge likes to have sex with her husband.  Midge threw him out of the shop and banned him for life.  Go Midge!

Or maybe she should have strangled him with her scarf...

Now that's bad enough right?  But the story doesn't end there. Oh no!  This pillock then goes away and writes a blog about it.  Not just about her, but about women with grey hair in general.  He's called CK Blaine and his blog is called Living the Dream and you can see it here.

I urge you to read and share this masterpiece of discrimination and prejudice.  It will probably offend you, make you incandescent with rage.  I'd like to know - what would YOU DO if someone said that to you.  Answers on a postcard party people!

Midge on Whit beach, relaxing in the knowledge she'll never have to speak to him again!

Right - I'm off to the hairdresser today - photos to come!  Laters! x


  1. I think he needs a good wack with the spoon and a good old grey hair woman.

  2. I'd like him to say something like that to Helen Mirren. What a twat.

  3. He is a misogynistic arsewipe disguised as a hipster.

    Your friend looks marvellous. Him? Not so much!

  4. PS. I would edit gentleman. No gentleman takes pictures of unsuspecting women's behinds to demean and objectify them. He is a creepy little shite in my opinion.

  5. Appalling. I hope his beard drops off when he next tries to dye it.
    Have you stopped blogging? I have just found you, as I'm doing the grey transition thing. So far, so good.