Saturday, 5 July 2014

I actually won something!

 Very proud that I came second (no prizes for second place - except I got two...) in the Whitstable 365 Competition. It's a great community project which was extra special here just because there are so many talented photographers in Whitstable.

Above - Me (short - grey) next to lovely Nathalie (French, tall).  I actually didn't realise what a big deal it was until I got there. Look - a Mayor!

Above - this is me getting my prizes.  A trophy and a print by professional wildlife photogrpaher Steve Bloom.  Lots of confusion when I posted this onto Facebook.  People thought this was MY photo.   Most people know we don't have Hippos in the UK, flumping about in rivers.  It was a bit awkward pointing that out.  Still....

Here are some more pics of me that night.

Opted for the vintage look.  I love a frock and a red lip!

That nervous thing when you know you have to 'got up to the front'!

This is Sandi Tokvig - she is an extremely talented British humourist.  She made us all laugh a lot and opened the show.  I was very sneaky and grabbed her then bent her ear for 10 minutes about my new book (more about that later).  I shoved my synopsis and first 3 chapters at her.  It's worth a try right?! 

A very happy evening was had by all.  Plenty of beautiful silver haired ladies there, as you often get at arts events in England.

Massive apologies about missing my blog about my hairdresser - I made a stupid cookery video with my 8 year old son and had so much fun I forgot the time!  Please watch.  It's hilarious.


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