Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Do I Dare to Trolley?

The Ultimate Grey Haired Shopping Solution

So today my skip of a car finally reached the tipping point where it would cost more to repair than it is worth.  It's deady dead dead.  I'm letting go.

This means I am wonderfully car free.  I've done 8 months with a newborn before with no car but what I had then, for shopping purposes, was a baby buggy.  I could cram at least 4 shopping bags under that beast and it's a good half a mile walk to the supermarket.

Shop online!  I hear you shout.  Well yes, but sometimes you just want to nip out, don't you?  So I've been thinking about gettting...


Now, you know I'm grey, so I'm a little trepidicious about it.  I asked my 8 year old Jacob.   This is what he said:

'No.  You would look old and weird.  I will NOT be seen out in public with you if you get one!'  My 14 year old concurs.

Fairly clear on that then.   But then I thought, ooh, what if I got one that was, you know, COOL.  

Well there aren't any.

Still determined to make this work, I thought, hmmm, in the spirit of punk, I could customise one.  Here are my preferred Cool Trolleys:

Bit of a classic.  But it does rather put me in the Baby Boomer age bracket.

Needs work...

It's election year in 2015 here in the UK - why not make a political statement?  No?

A clear sub-culture statement I think.  I could adorn it with a bit of studd work or maybe some barbed wire to assist getting to the cheese counter in Sainsburys with less resistance.  

My particular favourite, especially if I could rig it up so red lasers do shine from the eyes for low light conditions.

I have yet to consult the husband.  I'm not optimistic, I have to say.  Maybe, he'll buy me a new car just to stop it happening.  Now there's a thought!

Lastly, perhaps I should take some inspiration from these people:

Granny Turismo - they rock!


Would love to know if any of you would dare to trolley...

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