Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Apologies once more - I have been very lax, nay tardy with my blogging.

I'm approaching my 45th birthday and I've decided (as I do most years) that 2015 is going to be the year I get really fit.  I've been almost really fit a few times.  But this time I mean business.  And this entails upping the ante with the weights.

I'm not sure how popular training heavy is with women my age.  I know there has always been a bit of trepidation - 'I don't want to get too big' or 'won't I get an injury?', but women like Nancy Reinhardt  have proved an inspiration for older women - especially those who've had several pregnancies and are in their peri-menopausal phase.  She and others like her have shown time and time again that as long as you use correct form and lift safe, training intensively and HEAVY can bring about more efficient gains than lots of reps and low weights.

Check out this Pinterest Board - I'm not even 50 but I want to look like these beautiful women!  They have one thing in common - they work HARD.  My goals have changed in the last few years.  Being thin doesn't even come into it.  Like the acceptance of my natural hair colour, I've accepted that I'm a short, curvy girl.  Rather than fight it, I'm working hard to make those curves as curvy as they can be.  More important still, for me, is to be STRONG.

As I mentioned in my previous rant, er, blog, I'm rather peri-menopausal.  I didn't even know what this meant until about 6 months ago.  In November 2013 everything changed.  I thought I was coming down with the flu - I have small kids, their grandparents had it, they had it, other mums had it.  I had all the symptoms - hot head and banging headache, nausea, dizziness, dry mouth and dehydration.  Yet a day later, nothing materialised.  No flu, not even a cold.  Yet I was so tired, I had to lie down and sleep once I got the boys in from school for half an hour (thank you Pixar!)  It was baffling.  Then I Googled my symtoms...

I'd had migraines a lot in pregnancy, but few, apart from when I was a teen around period time, since.  All my migraines had been with aura - the flashing, glowing lights that disrupt vision before the headache hits you.  What I discovered is that migraine can come back when your body is peri-menopausal too.  This time, I realised, I'd had a migraine without aura.  I marked the dates when I was likely to feel like that again the next month and BOOM!  Right on schedule, I had two days of migraines.

Oh, and look!  Here I am 'enjoying' a migraine whist on a steam train with the kids meeting Santa!  Imagine the joy!  I actually thought I was going to puke on an elf's head.

The sensation reminded me very much of morning sickness and not surprisingly, I realised I was craving the same foods I had when I was pregnant - oily fish, curly kale, red cabbage, nuts, seeds, etc.

So four months down the line I've adjusted my life to accommodate this unpleasant development - I'm on magnesium, vitamin B supplements and omega 3/6/9.  I eat iron rich foods and veer towards an alkaline diet.  I've found ginger tea to help with feeling sick and avoiding my beloved red wine and coffee for that week before my period, a real help.

There's a couple of things I haven't conquered:  Night sweats.  Just bloody awful and bleugh;  Skin break outs.  I never had acne or many spots, but all of a sudden I have bright red zits all over my cheeks.  I mean really, what the actual bloody hell?!

So, if you do know of any miracle dermatalogical treatment I can try, or a way of switching off the temperature when it starts to climb, let me know!

Oh - and the silver hair?  No complaints there.  I love it!

I'm treating myself to a make up sesh at Fenwicks for my birthday.  Hopefully they can guide me to the right products for my horrible pretend teen skin and for some new ideas for make-up.

As for training heavy, there are some great advantages.  A) You can beat your teenage son's mates at arm wrestles.  B) You can embarrass your teenage son by beating their mates at arm wrestles.

Got to be worth it just for that.  And remember - you ARE worth it!

Next blog - maybe some training pics (it so depends...) and what I'm lifting in which split.  And some news about my new book due out in late Spring.

Just a reminder - my novel, Hollowshore, is available for Kindle and print on demand.


  1. I'm sure you do anyway, but drink plenty of water. Touch wood water seems to have sorted out some problems that I thought were to do with peri menopause.... seems I was dehydrated all along! I am 50, pleased to meet you, I hope you blog again soon.

  2. Hi Ms Scarlet - Thanks for the tip. Seems to have settled down a bit - still got the horrid acne though! Just put up a new post. Hope you like! :)