Tuesday, 7 February 2017

I ruined my hair - but I had a reason.

Confession: I ruined my precious silver hair in one impulsive moment, and you'll get it.  At least I hope you will.

I took my family plus my eldest son's girlfriend on holiday to Brittany in France last summer.

It was a six hour drive to Dinard, but we made light work of it and had a laugh in the VW we hired.

We headed straight to the beach the next morning.  These are photos from that morning in France - before it all went to crap.

I was sitting in my deckchair, toes dug into the warm sand, watching my two youngest sons digging a sandcastle, when I saw my eldest son's girlfriend running towards me up the beach with my mobile phone.

Turns out my mum had fallen head first down her steep stairs and sustained such a massive head injury she was being sent to Intensive Care at King's College Hospital, London.

People, ie, me, react in funny ways to this sort of news.  I wasn't immediately upset, but I was a bit cross - how dare she do this on my first day of my holiday??  We'd driven SIX HOURS to get there.  Until I really realised she might actually die.  First reality check: my Dad saying in his sweet scottish accent 'She won't wake up, Al'.  Second reality check: my husband Marc telling me 'Nurses say you need to get there fast, or you might not see her again'.

I couldn't get a flight until the next afternoon, so we took the family to St. Malo.  It's beautiful, but I'm not sure I'll ever go there again.  I wasn't in a rational state, although I thought I was..  Sometimes a photo speaks louder than words.  This was taken that day by my son's girlfriend, Georgia.  Sneaky pixie took it when I wasn't looking.

G suggested she took these pics of us together.  It was a bit of a disaster, but they made me laugh so much.  Each of those boys, unbeknown to me were in shock at their Grandma's terrible violent accident.

I'm not sure how I managed to get through that night before I flew back.  Local wine helped.  I'm not ashamed to say I prayed, alot.  Somehow, even though she wasn't conscious, I knew she was alive and that kept me going.

It get's worse.  I dyed my hair.  In my defense - I thought she would die!

And she didn't though, but my hair has died a thousand deaths since.

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