Monday, 3 April 2017

Getting Back my Grey

I have finally found a lovely hairdresser.  She totally understands my hair and my emotional screw-ups.

After trying to rescue my hair, it started to really break up so I went for a drastic chop.

Lucky I'm not bald...

I am still angry with myself that I dyed my hair, but I'm so happy that I have found a sympathetic snipper that thinks silver hair is lovely.  

My biggest challenge is a) the people that thought I'd finally 'seen sense' and dyed my awful silver out back to a 'normal' colour again and b) the boredom of growing out knackered, bleached straw to get my lovely, natural hair back.

I don't do well with  boredom.

But at least I've found a hair-dresser that gets it. 

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